In this day and age it's crucial that you can reach the maximum number of people
with the right message. Mobile apps are becoming more important to ensure your
business is available for people using Smartphone technologies.

iOS and Android App Developer

Hello my name is Paul Ledger and this site will hopefully give you an insight into my skills, background and achievements. I am a freelance mobile application developer, based in Sussex, in the UK, and I've been creating apps since the Apple AppStore opened. I have developed over 35+ apps that I've either written for my own company or for clients.

But Apple aren't the only company with a mobile platform so I also develop Android Mobile Apps. The platforms you need to target will ultimately be driven by the audience of your app requirements.

The mobile apps I write are all native, either Swift/Objective-C (iOS) or Kotlin/Java (Android). I try to avoid tools such as, Xamarin, PhoneGap or Titanium as they tend to dumb down the experience the user gets from their device.

I'm also Web developer, with over 16 years experience of creating both server and client side solutions utilising Microsoft technologies, such as .Net Framework, .NET, C#, SQL Server and Azure.

If you any questions relating to mobile app development, or you are interested in having one developed, please drop me a line.

I've been asked a few times how to become a freelancer so I've writtin a small post about it.

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